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At the beginning of 2018, I finished my Master’s degree at TU Wien and started to work full time as a Software Engineer. As I was already working part-time before, I knew what I was getting into. Still, I am continuously amazed about how dynamic our industry and the people working in it are. Especially now, with the all-around success of (F)OSS, the software technology landscape is changing incredibly fast. This blog should help both my readers and me to keep up with the latest trends. I also see it as a way to contribute to the international software community.

Another reason for starting this blog is the inspiration from others. It seems like all the cool kids are doing it. A friend and former study colleague has already started his blog a couple months ago. Other great blogs I read are from software engineering heavyweights Troy Hunt, Scott Hanselman, and Jeff Atwood.

Finally, I hope to further develop my writing skills. In general, I think writing in all forms is an underestimated skill in software engineering, and probably many other fields as well. However, since last year, when I finished my Master’s thesis and a subsequent journal article, my writing efforts have been more or less limited to communication and documentation tasks. This blog is a chance for me to change this.

Planned Topics

In general, I will keep this blog strictly on topics related to software engineering. Further, I will try to cover technologies that are (not yet) widely used and discussed elsewhere. My first two technical posts about AWS ParallelCluster and the Nitrite embedded NoSQL database are good examples of this approach.

At some point, I probably can’t restrain myself from writing about productivity tools, as trying out new ones is kind of my guilty pleasure. Thanks to a tweet from Austrian developer Armin Ronacher I am currently starting to use Notion. It’s great, check it out!

A Request to my Readers

Obviously, I am aware that the number of readers of this blog will be very limited. Nevertheless, I hope to receive some feedback. Please feel free to contact me via email or Twitter. You are welcome to point out any mistakes, recommend technologies, propose topics, or come forward with any other request you might have.

My naive idea of blogging is to achieve reader engagement through worthwhile content. (Source: xkcd.com)

My naive idea of blogging is to achieve reader engagement through worthwhile content. (Source: xkcd.com)

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