• October 8, 2020 Implementing Paddle Payments for my Django SaaS
    python django saas
    Paddle is an excellent alternative to Stripe. It acts as Merchant of Record (MOR) and therefore makes everything related to taxes and compliance a lot easier. This post describes, in detail, how I use it to accept payments for As such, it is a detailed guide to integrate Paddle with Django.

  • April 14, 2020 Using VueJS alongside Django
    Django is an excellent choice for efficient development. It’s “batteries included” approach allows for quickly starting up a full-stack web application. The Django template language is an essential part of this. However, some things are better if they are implemented client-side. Fortunately, we can easily add VueJS to any existing Django project without having to rethink the whole architecture.

  • February 6, 2020 Add CSV Export to Wagtail's Modeladmin
    Wagtail is a modern open source CMS written in Python and based on Django. It is easy to integrate with existing Django projects. Apart from traditional CMS features, it provides a nice UI for managing any Django database model via the modeladmin module. This post documents in detail how to add CSV export funcationality. The given code snippets are ready to copy-paste into your project.